PS4 Emulator for Android – Run PlayStation 4 Games

We can now download and install the latest console PS4 emulator for Android phones and tablets devices. The fully working version has been officially released and ready to install on your machines. You can go to download page by clicking the button below and get the emulator APK immediately or whenever you want! It’s available for free for all you enthusiastic gamers who love to play PlayStation 4 titles on your mobile devices.

The main reason why emulators are not simple to run is due to the architectural differences between the console and the PC. Designing an emulator for the PS4 is a tough job and requires a lot of work. The ideal PS4 Emulator is currently readily available to download!

PS4 emulator for Android

The system is made very user-friendly and incredibly enjoyable. You may need a computer with a higher configuration to play games. An emulator can be far superior to an actual console, that allows you to play PC games on your Android.

The best thing about emulator is the fact that it only requires a couple of minutes to setup, and is quite user-friendly. PS4 emulator allows users to play favorite PS4 games on Android device.

PS4 emulator for Android
PS4 emulator for Android

If you really need to play PS4 games on your Android phone, this PS4 Emulator will help you.

Where to get PS4 games to play?

We have all of the top most popular PlayStation 4 games of all time uploaded to our server which is connected with online mode to our emulator. So whenever you decide to play a certain game, just select it from our online database trough emulator built-in system and play it! There is no separately download required for any game file from the internet.

Compatible Games:

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Tekken 3
  • Tomb Raider III
  • Resident Evil 2
  • WWF War Zone
  • Spider-Man

What are System Requirements?

This PS4 emulator for Android will work on any Android running device. It doesn’t matter if it’s an older or newest one. What is only important is to have the Android version at least 4.1 or above. You can also use Nox App Player for Windows. Nox is very advanced Android Emulator.

Why it will work on any device? Because its system requirements will automatically coordinate to your phone. Means if you have an older phone a screen resolution will be lower then on newer devices. It will be same with other specifications as well. We want everyone to be able to enjoy playing PS4 games, without the need to spend money on buying the newest smartphones to achieve it.

Do I need to download BIOS to use this emulator?

No! BIOS file is already included inside this emulator application. We made sure players don’t have to waste their time and bother about searching for right working BIOS around the internet, so that’s why we decided to merge everything into one setup software.

When iOS version for iPhone and iPad will get done?

As soon as we finish it. We apologize for the delay, but the iOS operating system is much harder to manipulate and tweak then Android is. Hope you understand!

If you have more questions feel free to message us at any time using our contact email.

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